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Gamer heeft last van geesten

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Rubzy is een gamer/ streamer met een mooi aantal volgers op Twitch elke avond. In 2016 was Rubzy aan het gamen in een huis van een vriend die toen niet aanwezig was. Wat er toen gebeurde tart de verbeelding. Fake of niet, het is best eng wanneer deuren opengaan en weer dichtslaan achter je rug, of wanneer lichten aan worden gestoken wanneer je die zelf uitdoet. Een jaar na datum krijgt deze video nog steeds veel aanzien. Ruby zelf schreef dan ook twee maanden geleden deze brief aan iedereen die de video heeft gezien of van plan is te zien.

“So 4 months later and this video is still getting a lot of activity, so let me clarify a few things:

1) Is this real or fake?
To my knowledge this is 100% real. I had nothing to do with any of the activity caught on the camera. I personally never believed in the idea of anything “paranormal” until this incident happened to me, and I don’t expect anyone who hasn’t been in a similar situation to understand, so I am perfectly fine if you don’t acknowledge the legitimacy of this video.

2) How’d you get so much activity in such a short time?
This didn’t happen over the span of 10 minutes, this happened during a live stream that was 2 hours, 18 minutes and 16 seconds long. Of that there was about 5 minutes of activity.

3) Why didn’t you leave?
Initially I considered that it might have been a prank from my friend – but after looking around the place at the end, there was just nothing, as well as no one to be found.

4) This isn’t really a question, more a statement – But it’s pronounced “Rub-zee”, not “Roob-zee” and also I was playing on the xbox – I don’t like the PS4. Get your facts straight you stupid news websites.

5) Have you been back since?
Yes actually, no activity per say – But my friend and I noticed and odd child-like shape in one of the pictures we took. We didn’t look super into that though.

6) Will you be going back again?
Yes, I intend to stream there again and see if I can possibly get any extra activity.

7) Happened close to Halloween… Awfully suspicious there.
Be that as it may, “Spirits” are allegedly their strongest around that time. Like I said, I plan to go back sometime next month (March) probably and see if there is any activity.

8) Why didn’t you call the police.
It was in Los Angeles, with that in mind – A) Do you realize how fucking stupid that sounds. B) Had they answered, they would have had much more pressing issues to deal with.

9) Has your friend noticed anything before, or since?
No, my friend claimed that he had never before experienced any of this before the incident. He also told me it’s been quiet since. Several of my friends who research this type of thing told me that spirits have a love, hate relationship with cameras and it was probably not used to what it saw.

10) Can I use your footage in my video?
Knock yourself out. It’s publicly on youtube, just for the love of christ, say my fucking name right. Like is it so hard to say Rubzy? I even say it at the beginning of the fucking video. Jesus.”

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